Poetry by Toshiya Sasaki
@ copyright 1996 Internet Photo Magazine of Japan

 In my Web searchings  I was very fortunate to happen
upon the work of Mr. Toshiya Sasaki.  I find a penetration
and sincerety in his works.  They fit in well with our
desire to publish works that have directly, or in this case
indirectly, a healing quality. 
  Mr. Sasaki was born in Tokyo in 1963. He has an MA in
Russian literature. The title of his thesis was:  The
works of Valdimir Nabokov.  He worked in London
for the Shaftsbery Society and is currently working for
a financial magazine.  He has authored two books of poetry:

  Town in the Rain 1987

     Metamorphosis 1996

Originally we had a link to the site which carried Mr. Sasaki's
poetry.  However, around August, 1997 the site closed down.
We present below pictures of how the original site looked 
with both the poetry and the pictures.

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