Publications Dr. Mazziotti


Unraveliing the Seven Riddles of the Universe,
Alexander R. Mazziotti, Hamilton Books an Imprint of Rowman & Littlefield., 2022

Quantum simulation of molecules without fermionic encoding of the wave function,
D. Mazziotti,S. Smart, and A. Mazziotti,
New Journal of Physics, 23 (2021) 113037

Also currently in progress is a book on the Foundations of Medical Science.

SubClinical Hypothyroidism (comment), New England Journal of
Medicine (NEJM), 345:1855-1856 December 20, 2001 Number 25 .

Active Compression-Decompression CPR, A. Mazziotti, J. American
Medical Association (JAMA), 272(17) 1325-6 (1994).

Campylobacter Infection Masquerading as Ulcerative Colitis, L. Marcus
and A. Mazziotti, Cutis, 39 218 (1987).

Spontaneous Mediastinal Hemorrhage Secondary to Oral
Anticoagulation; A. Mazziotti, M. Bangash and J. Mann, Texas Heart
Institute Journal, 13 333-336 (1986).

Spontaneous Mediastinal Hemorrhage, A. Mazziotti, Archives of Internal
Medicine, 143 2333 (1983).

Purulent Pericarditis, A. Mazziotti, Clini-Pearls, 1 (6) 7-8 (1981).

Prosthetic Valve Endocarditis and Early Surgical Intervention; A.
Mazziotti, Clini-Pearls, 1 (4) 6-7 (1981).

Cardiorrhexis- 'The Broken Heart', A. Mazziotti, Clini-Pearls, 1 (3) 7-8

Testosterone Effects are Blunted in Obese Women; A. Mazziotti, M.A.
Kirschner, G. Schneider and N. Ertel, The Endocrine Society Abstracts

An Electrostatic Model for the Alkaline Bohr Effect in Hemoglobin; P.
Farnsworth, A. Mazziotti and R. Marks, American Physiological Society
Abstracts, (1976).

Analysis of Hemoglobin Aggregation from Gibbs-Donnan Equilibrium
Experiments; A. Mazziotti, P. Farnsworth and R. Marks, The Journal of
General Physiology, 68 105-109 (1976).

Intermolecular Basis of Odour; A. Mazziotti, Nature 250 645-646 (1974).


Local Energies, the Integral Hellmann-Feynman Method, and
Partitioning the Hamiltonian; J.P. Lowe and A. Mazziotti, The Journal of
Chemical Physics 48,877-881 (1968).

Improved Bond-Stretching-Energy Curves from the Integral
Hellmann-Feynman Method; A. Mazziotti and J.P. Lowe, The Journal of
Chemical Physics 50, 1153-1159 (1969).

Lower Bounds to Energy Eigenvalues; A. Mazziotti, The Journal of
Chemical Physics, 50 3339-3342 (1969).

Lower Bounds and Estimation of Energy Eigenvalues in a Gaussian
Basis; A. Mazziotti, The Journal of Chemical Physics, 51 4013-4016

Atomic and Molecular Pseudopotential Studies Using Gaussian Orbitals;
G. Simons and A. Mazziotti, The Journal of Chemical Physics, 52
2449-2455 (1970).

The Effect of Correlation on Nuclear Magnetic Shielding Constants in
Atomic Systems; A. Mazziotti, Chemical Physics Letters, 5 343-344

Error Bounds to Expectation Values; A. Mazziotti, The Journal of
Chemical Physics, 55 2657-2660 (1971).

Regional Stationary Principles and Regional Virial Theorems; A.
Mazziotti, R. G. Parr, and G. Simons, The Journal of Chemical Physics,
59 939-942 (1973).

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