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The Dash Diet presented here is an excellent way to lower your blood pressure. It significantly restricts your sodium(salt) intake by having you stay away from highly processed foods. It is also rich in fruits and vegtables which allows you to obtain Potassium and Magnesium. Click on target below to obtain PDF version. As with all diets presented here discuss these with your doctor before starting one.

Dash Hypertensive Diet as PDF

Try a low salt diet

Diabetics need to choose a diet which keeps the average glucose readings as close to normal. While most Diabetics require medication in addition to weight reduction and diet the importance of the diet is very important. Many diabetics however get confused about the diet they need. These two PDF files below offer a good start at meal planning. The first one gives a nice overview of the nature of diabetic diets while the second has a nice 1500 cal diet structure with exchange lists. Again discuss any diet with your doctor before starting one.

Diabetic Diet Overview as PDF

Diabetic 1500 Cal Diet as PDF

Balance is the key to any diet

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Weight loss dieting has a high failure rate because losing weight and sustaning demands not only a good diet but also a lifestyle change. The following PDF file gives a good starting point for weight reduction. For those very obese other measures may be needed however for most people a good balance diet with portion control and desire can do the task.

Weight Loss Diet Tips as PDF

Try portion control

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Smoking Cessation...Smoking continues to be a problem worldwide. For the USA the rates continue to go down and the smoking bans are helping. If you are a smoker you should want to quit after you read the following PDF from WHO. Various medications can help you to quit so contact your doctor and end this vile habit.

Smoking facts and prevalence as PDF

Prevent the wrinkle- Stop Smoking!

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Gout is an extremly painful condition which usually effects the big toe. This PDF highlights the diet to help prevent it from returning. If you have the gout you may need medication to prevent it so contact your doctor.

Gout diet
Prevent the gout- restrict purines!

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High fiber diet helps with keeping the bowls regular and also helps to keep the cholesterol and triglycerides down. The evidence that it protects against colon cancer is weak. It can be an integral part of a weight reduction program. This PDF file should help explain such a diet.

High fiber diet as PDF
Eat your veggies!

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Patients with Celiac disease are sensitive to certain grains which damage the small intestine lining and can lead to loose bowel movements weight loss and vitamin deficiency. This PDF will give you the dietary restrictions needed for this disease. Check with a doctor before any diet is started.

Gluten free diet as PDF
Watch the grains!

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Lactose intolerance can lead to numerous gastrointestinal symptoms and stems from an inability to digest milk sugar lactose. The PDF here deals with the diet.

Lactose free diet as PDF
Watch the milk!

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Gastrointestinal reflux has probably more adds on TV than for any type of drug. In these someone takes the pill so that they can eat some food probably nobody should eat. Diet can make a big difference in reflux. This PDF will give you the instructions on the reflux diet. Reflux can be a very mild or a very serious condition. See your doctor.

GI reflux diet as PDF
See what can happen to the esophagus!

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