Depression Screening Test

To the following questions give a rank of 0 to 5 with 0 meaning that this is defintely not true

and 5 means it is very true. Enter the results in the form below when all are entered the click

the computation button for the score. The interpretation is below the questions.
Number1: Number2: Number3: Number4: Number5:
Number6: Number7: Number8: Number9: Number10:


1. You feel sad, blue, or unhappy.
2. You feel tired, having little energy, unable to work well.
3. You feeling uneasy, restless or irritable.
4. You have trouble sleeping like waking up one or two hours earlier than usual and then are unable to fall back to sleep. 5. You feel that you are not enjoying the activities that you used to.
6. You feel that you lost interest in sex.
7. You lost or gained weight lately or had anorexia.
8. You feel inadequate, like a failure or that nobody likes you anymore.
9. You feel guilty without a rational reason, or put yourself down.
10. You feel that things always go or will go wrong no matter how hard
you try and that you are a failure.
Score Interpretation:
Less than 20 No significant depression

Between 20 and 27 Mild Depression

Between 27 and 35 Moderate Depression

Greater than 35 Severe Depression

This will give you a rough idea of your status; however, this is only
a very rough screening test and you could be clinically depressed with
a normal score or not be depressed with a high score. If your score is
abnormal you should discuss this with your doctor.

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