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Dr. Alexander Mazziotti's Internal Medicine practice is located in Hawthorne, New Jersey and he is associated
 with The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood. Dr. Mazziotti in addition to his M.D. degree holds a Ph.D. in Chemical
Physics from the Pennsylvania State University. His Post-Doctoral work was carried out at The Johns Hopkins
University  and he then was an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Columbia University prior to entering medicine.
He created this site to relay the latest medical information to his patients and also to promote the concept that healing
and wellness demands an understanding of the whole person, both spiritual and physical. Dr Mazziotti believes that patients
 benefit from a primary Internal Medicine doctors who can guide them through the maze of testing and sub-specialty
 needs while also focusing them on preventive measures to keep them free of illness. A doctor who when illness occurs
 can be a compassionate partner of the patient because he knows them and often their family very well and can help them
 to make informed choices. In these days of managed care, direct media advertising, and decreasing
physician compensation with increasing paperwork it is important for patients have someone to keep them aware that
not all testing, medicines or surgeries are as simple as sometimes presented by those with a vested interest. Dr.
Mazziottti has served as chairperson for the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee on two separate occasions and has
taught Advanced Cardiac Life Support both at the UNDNJ medical school and at Valley Hospital. A list of his publications
are given below.


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